» » NexoPOS v3.8.6 - Extendable PHP Point of Sale

NexoPOS v3.8.6 - Extendable PHP Point of Sale

NexoPOS v3.8.6 - Extendable PHP Point of Sale

NexoPOS is a web application that will help you to manage your store easilly, by providing you all the necessary features.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/nexopos-extendable-php-point-of-sale/16195010


This file has UNTOUCHED status - (original developer code without any tampering done)

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    1. bspsk1234 wrote:
      Excellent Upload. But can someone help in ByPassing Activation Request? Please dont not reply if you will help only if some $$$ is paid
    2. shadowhacker wrote:
      Admin please post nulled scripts
    3. alaafathey wrote:
      Thanks admin - that's amazing script.
      1. prakarkhar wrote:
        How did you get rid of Activate Your Copy
        The NexoPOS Updater module is not installed. To take advantage of automatic updates and support, please install the module download here
        1. alaafathey wrote:
          code editing and u will get it to work perfect.
          1. ryan wrote:
            Unfortunately I do not know how
            Can you please help me please
          2. prakarkhar wrote:
            please tell us how to do that
          3. jonesfred wrote:
            how can you help me
          4. jonesfred wrote:
            can you help me get ride of activation? contact me on [email protected]
            1. marun wrote:
              i had the activation version mail me [email protected]
          5. loicobest wrote:
            can you help me with nexopos? since I try without success. thank you

            here is my email address: [email protected]
          6. marun wrote:
            bro did you get that
    4. nanobyte16 wrote:
      Does anyone know how to install the update module or the activation code? thank you very much.
      1. sofia wrote:
        hi have ful version
    5. salmanrajz wrote:
      Nextpost Latest Version Available With
      Auto Follow Advance Modules
      Quick Setup Module
      IG Downloader Module
      Random Hashtag Module
      Generate Hashtag MOdule
      Advance Stats Module
      Post Manager Module
      AUTO DM Modules
      GiveAways Module
      NextCoupons MOdule
      Affiliated Marketing Module
      Auto Unfollow Module
      AUto Repost MOdule
      Auto Like Module
      Auto Comment Module

      Worth more than 200$
      if you're looking for all this stuff in under 50$ or less feel free and contact us at:

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