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Zigaform - PHP Form Builder - Contact & Survey

Zigaform - PHP Form Builder - Contact & Survey

Zigaform – PHP form builder is a visual drag & drop form builder editor with live preview which makes you to build your forms on few easy steps. it works with any php website (wordpress, joomla, drupal and etc).

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/zigaform-php-form-builder-contact-survey/14889427


This file has UNTOUCHED status - (original developer code without any tampering done)

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    1. coder wrote:
      Thank you so much for this post..plz give me lince key....!
    2. shinobu_df wrote:
      perfect!!! thanks you
    3. flex wrote:
      Hi thanks for the script
      it installed fine without the need to insert a correct licence key and name
      thing is after it got installed i got this error


      but for some reason this page gives me an error i searched around but found theres no admin folder
      how to fix this issue
      1. ased2235 wrote:
        can you post error here so i can take a look and maybe i can help you
        1. flex wrote:
          I just get a blank page asif the Admin section doesn't exist
          1. ased2235 wrote:
            Try this when Success install. then delete the install directory and go to the admin page and log in. admin button will take you to admin section and home button will take you to frontend section.
            Finally, delete "install" directory. then the software is installed successfully.
            IMPORTANT! Some hosting have restrictions with file permissions and will show 404 error page. that's because your index.php file in the root directory (script folder) have 777 file permission. In order to solve this, just change it to 755 file permission via ftp or hosting panel.
            tell me it's work
            1. flex wrote:
              let me try that thanks for the reply

              btw i did delete the "install" folder once the script successfully installed

              i think my index file permission was set to 644
              but ill reinstall and confirm

              another thing i installed the script without a legit "key" do you think that might have messed up the install in some way

              if its possible please provide a legit key

              thanks again
    4. mohammadakour wrote:
      I need key please
      1. ased2235 wrote:
        key is not needed just replace this file 'Upload_Application/install/assets/js/global.js'
        with this https://userscloud.com/9g3vn7api4uu
        and you're good to go
        1. flex wrote:
          Thanks ill try that
    5. koohs wrote:
      My boss, please if theres any body that can upload a wordpress money exchange template for me... I need it urgently. Thanks
      1. ased2235 wrote:
        link to WP theme?
    6. amar007 wrote:

      Link is not working please provide me, Thank you
    7. phlovy wrote:
      Zigaform - PHP Form Builder - Contact & Survey 4.5

      admin please upload

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