» » Nishue v1.3 - CryptoCurrency Buy Sell Exchange and Lending with MLM System

Nishue v1.3 - CryptoCurrency Buy Sell Exchange and Lending with MLM System

Nishue v1.3 - CryptoCurrency Buy Sell Exchange and Lending with MLM System

Nishue is the complete cryptocurrency lending program Software with multi-level marketing.every user level will get the commission of his lower level.it has another wonderful cryptocurrency analysing live data compare system.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/nishue-cryptocurrency-buy-sell-exchange-and-lending-with-mlm-system-live-crypto-compare/21754644


This file has UNTOUCHED status - (original developer code without any tampering done)

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    1. philo888 wrote:
      The system is good but the sponsor id section on registration is inactive. what should i do
      1. Nomansala3 wrote:
        let me know what do u mean by ( inactive ) - as it works for me !!!
    2. sivaram219 wrote:
      Asking to enter the purchase code after installation, Please send me the code
    3. wjeasz4 wrote:
      Please enter your purchase code! ?
    4. krisadiwijaya wrote:
      open folder install/index.php on line 232 if ($status->status=='Error') {
      change Error with 'Success' and try to install with any name and code
      1. godzo wrote:
        I successfully installed the script, and the site is fully set. But it displays a notification requesting for purchase code, which leaves the site incomplete because every user that comes in to see this notification.... Not good. Please help.
        My email:
        yoramrave at gmail .com
    5. marcelovirtual wrote:
      not found -- footer prewiew

      Please enter your purchase code!
      Contact bdtask.com
    6. macrobert wrote:
      Watch the Crack version of Nishue v1.3 - CryptoCurrency Buy Sell Exchange and Lending with MLM System
    7. henryoyed wrote:
      I have successfully bypassed purchase code for Nishue 1.3.
      If you need help doing this, contact me on [email protected]
    8. macrobert wrote:
      Watch this video how to bypass or crack Nishue v1.3 - CryptoCurrency Buy Sell Exchange and Lending with MLM System. Very Helpfull. Thump up to Da-viruz Systems.

    9. godzo wrote:
      Please help. It ask for activation purchase code
    10. keith wrote:
      i can show you how to remove the ''enter purchase code'' justemail me [email protected]
    11. philo888 wrote:
      go to lic.php, its located in nishue/system/core/compact/lic.php

      open lic.php and use editor notepad++ or any other editor of your choice

      change lines from 43 to 54 to these codes private $domain;
      private $expire_date;
      private $update_day;
      private $message;
      private $purchase_key;
      private $product_key = '21754644';
      private $licence = 'standard';
      private $log_path;
      private $check_days = array(1,7,15,31);
      private $api_domain = '#';
      private $api_uri = '#';
      private $whitelist = array('', '[::1]', 'host center eg localhost','example.com');

      Then finally go to line 235 and turn it to true e.g
      $_SESSION['serverAliveOrNot'] = true;
      return true;

      That's it, the script will become a purchased version
      1. werewolves69 wrote:
        I have full version with purchase code I am not using it does not track domain so I can sell unlmited

        $5 USD Crypto email me androidpackages gmail

        will give updates as available on codecanyon I have over 100 I do not use

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