» » Ultimate POS v3.0 + Addons - nulled

Ultimate POS v3.0 + Addons - nulled

Ultimate POS v3.0 + Addons - nulled

With this application, you are assured to save time-consuming process of bookkeeping accounting and inventory information. Also, you will have all the required information for detailed analysis of your business.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-pos-stock-management-point-of-sale-application/21216332


This file has UNTOUCHED status - (original developer code without any tampering done)

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    1. nulledwanderer wrote:
      It's working fine. I still don't know why there is a downvote trend?


      - change .env file
      - php artisan migrate --seed
      - register new business
      - tada, its working.

      Geez people, try before you even downvote!
      1. black_host wrote:
        i did i work but modules installed but nothing happen there is no acesses
        1. nulledwanderer wrote:
          Please make sure you have MySQL 5.7 installed. I tried with Essentials module and it worked just fine. Just follow the online documentation provided by the author and follow everything to the dot. It will work.
          1. black_host wrote:
            hey thank you for replay ,
            yeah im using mysql 5.7 php 7.1 / 7.3
            i try it in localhost and in web the same problem
            can you help me ?
      2. eusofali wrote:
        Superadmin worked or not?
      3. enigmaelectronica wrote:
        can you be more specific?
        1. nulledwanderer wrote:
          What specific? This is standard Laravel project and if you follow the above steps, you can see the Ultimate POS login screen. That's it!
          1. enigmaelectronica wrote:
            Can ypu upload entire proyect? but nulled?
      4. ronelgon wrote:
        I get white screen when i try to install on in a subdomain. What could be the problem?

        And what should be put in the purchase code area when installing online?

        Your help will be highly appreciated

        Thank you
    2. black_host wrote:
      hello i try to install the addons sas and woocommerce it's said installed but nothing in menu
      and i cant add pakage of subscptions
    3. mharsijamel wrote:
      it demands
    4. k0f1 wrote:
      addons not working except superadmin
      1. sb123 wrote:
        Superadmin also not working for me
    5. lucasmania wrote:
      This Script Working Well, Just follow these Steps and everything gonna be ok:
      1. Create Database with Username
      2. Upload your Script to your Hosting or Localhost
      3. Open your Prefered Web Browser and visit (http://yourUltimatePOS_Path.com/public/install)
      4. Follow all the Installation Steps, Fill your Database details and everything
      5. In Envato Purchase Code and Username, Put "Nulled" and Press Next or Continue.
      6. Wait until the .env Screen comes, and then you should Create a new file and Name it ".env", Copy the Content in the Text Box and paste it into it and save it, Then Press Install.
      7. Wait until the Installation Finishes its Process, then all is Working Great, the Last Screen will mention to you the Business Registration, So Click it.
      8. Fill your Business Details (Don't Leave anything Empty).
      9. Create a Business Owner in the Last Screen of Business Registration
      10. Login with Details Created Previously.
      11. Now The Script is working Great.

      For the Modules, Personally i Check Superadmin and Essential and it's Working Great, Just follow the Installation Process in the File Downloaded From CodeList.cc
      1. J5000 wrote:
        thanks for you explaind LUCASMANIA i ready my ULtimatePOS 3.0 but my Modules install and show me error 500 and delete the modules and working UltimatePOS 3.0 fine
      2. sb123 wrote:
        Unable to use superadmin module,Can you hep me out
      3. black_host wrote:
        hey can you tell me what your version of php / mysql
        and what programe using xamp or laragon
    6. enigmaelectronica wrote:
      it give "500 Server Error" in login attemp
    7. blue_best wrote:
      i make Modules folder and copy the modules but showing 500 server error on login. If I delete the Modules folder, it starts login. Please help
    8. codemarket wrote:
      I have Nulled Lates version contact me on my watsapp +254758598588
      Ultimate POS – Best Advanced Stock Management, Point of Sale & Invoicing application [3.0 patch]
    9. darkpoint wrote:
      Please someone add this nulled version Please!

    10. ashwith wrote:
      Required any help to install this script please whatsapp me. +91-9964156557
    11. zkenstein wrote:
      How to install the module by the way, tried to upload but it said invalid mime type, tried to extract in module folder but only show buy button on modules page
    12. sunilghimire334 wrote:
      Please update it to V3.1 as soon as possible :)
    13. darkpoint wrote:
      Dear admin please add https://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-inventory-with-pos/23992003
    14. dekdeetoppy wrote:
      Superadmin not work help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    15. codemarket wrote:
      1.SaaS & Superadmin Module for UltimatePOS - Advance >>> https://codesoko.net/downloads/saas-superadmin-module-for-ultimatepos-advance-2

      2.Essentials & HRM (Human resource management) Module for UltimatePOS>>>https://codesoko.net/downloads/essentials-hrm-human-reso

      3. POS V3.1 AVAILABLE >>>https://codesoko.net/downloads/ultimate-pos-best-advanced-stock-man

      DOWNLOAD NOW >>> https://codesoko.net
    16. kilang69ers wrote:
      Any one can help,Modules instalation failed here..

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