» » Courier Deprixa Pro v3.2.6 - Integrated Web System

Courier Deprixa Pro v3.2.6 - Integrated Web System

Courier Deprixa Pro v3.2.6 - Integrated Web System

Courier DEPRIXA PRO v3.2.6 It is a software designed for companies that handle loads that require a system to monitor the logistics of storage and handling of cargo to its final destination, binding modules collection that will create automatic billing, according to the dimensions , weight and shape of said load handling.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/courier-deprixa-pro-integrated-web-system-v32/15216982


This file has UNTOUCHED status - (original developer code without any tampering done)

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    1. veightar wrote:
      This is awesome. Thanks a lot admin. Exactly what I needed
      1. gospel4me wrote:
        Are you having any issues from the admin links?
        1. JAOMWEB wrote:
          Mr. administrator if you bought in codecanyon the script deprixa version 3.2.62, remember that it is for personal use or your client, you do not have any permission to upload this script to your server and that it is downloaded for free, if you read the license of envato There is clear the use of licenses, avoid hassles and you must eliminate that script from the free downloads, follow up your website and make resources until you delete this script, respect the copyright and value the work of others, not be brazen and allow this.
          1. Raymytech wrote:
            I want to buy but, Your script is not OK, some link in the admin are not working and you want us to buy? If you can't tell us what to do, forget it
    2. dihyini wrote:
      join link in telegram lot user joiled already

    3. tenslider wrote:
      Please update to the latest version it came out on 2.14.19
    4. gospel4me wrote:
      Nice script. When I login to the admin, only forced likings like .php are working other linkings are not. Please is any solution?
    5. niglng wrote:
      class_courier.php, class_core.php and init.php are encrypted, any decoder for this? Some coding error exist
    6. riddle wrote:
      Please update to v3.2.6.2 at least to serve better.
    7. Storytell wrote:
      Can We please get the latest version
    8. Raymytech wrote:
      For any installation problems whatsapp +2348165980131

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