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Quiz Online v5.4.1

Quiz Online v5.4.1

Awesome support, great features, awesome user interface, easy to build and customize. The best selling Android quiz app on Codecanyon.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/quiz-online/22412465


This file has UNTOUCHED status - (original developer code without any tampering done)

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    1. Eyehacker wrote:
      It works... If you follow the instructions provided.
      1. Reem1212 wrote:
        Questions not showing... Problems in admin penal. Can you help me?
      2. Plus wrote:
        Hello, it is already working well, but the questions do not appear in the app. Can you help me please?
    2. dilshadx wrote:
      21:122 warning Expected to return a value at the end of arrow function consistent-return
      35:17 error Each then() should return a value or throw promise/always-return
      52:13 error Unreachable code no-unreachable
      68:4 error Expected catch() or return promise/catch-or-return
      73:14 warning Unexpected function expression prefer-arrow-callback
      73:14 error Each then() should return a value or throw promise/always-return
      77:12 error 'ref' is already defined no-redeclare

      ✖ 7 problems (5 errors, 2 warnings)
      0 errors and 1 warning potentially fixable with the `--fix` option.

      npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE
      npm ERR! errno 1
      npm ERR! functions@ lint: `eslint .`
      npm ERR! Exit status 1
      npm ERR!
      npm ERR! Failed at the functions@ lint script.
      npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.
      1. xmedx01 wrote:
        Go to firebase.json and delete line 4
    3. Kahna wrote:
      Is it need to provide purchase code ? recourse
      1. mskhokon wrote:
        no, it's not required to set a envento purchase code. Thanks
    4. mlkushwaha wrote:
      Main ise kaise download Kar sakta hoon
      1. Faizan wrote:
        upr jo download links hn wha se
    5. holigandesouza wrote:

      pls this app i needd
    6. cahbs wrote:
    7. doqqs wrote:
      Hello, how to fix battle 1vs1 or 1vsBot. Just "loading..." Thank you all.
    8. dilshadx wrote:
      Upload lastest version
    9. abdullahtaji wrote:
      sorry sir, but this is v5.4 NOT v5.4.1
      please I need the last one :(((
      1. Reem1212 wrote:
        Do you have 5.4.1?
    10. nick wrote:
      I am getting error on admin panel login
      please help
      cant login to admin somebody have fix
      1. Reem1212 wrote:
        Contact me. https://t.me/rmrifaz22
    11. gunner wrote:
      The script works perfectly fine.
      if anyone need to setup this app then u can contact me.
      what after app setup? you need lots of questions to upload. i have programmed a tool to generate maths questions and
      travia quiz questions separately so that you dont have to work hard to upload questions.

      maths script: generated all kind of maths questions with increase in difficulty with level.
      travia script: generates the different categories questions like general knowledge, books,history,science..etc with three different difficulty levels: easy , medium, hard
      you can contact me in my mail: [email protected]
    12. Plus wrote:
      Hello, it is already working well, but the questions do not appear in the app. Can you help me please?
    13. baraq1 wrote:
      Whoever needs the updated code, I just bought it at codecanyon, I'm selling it for $ 5, my whatsapp: +55 22992846570
    14. asad7722 wrote:
      Admin Please Upload the latest verson of the App
    15. gogo wrote:
      please admin https://codecanyon.net/item/tutorial-app-with-quiz-native-android-offline-learn
    16. amazingworld wrote:
      Dear Admin Greetings from poors ;) ,
      kindly request you to update this script with latest version , which is available on codecanyon.
    17. mdtiger wrote:
      please update latest version
    18. ensaryusuf wrote:
      Update Please
    19. usman_masharipov wrote:
      Admin plzzz update this code which is available on codecanyon i need build this app till 27 December 2020
      1. lakhan wrote:
        1. usman_masharipov wrote:
          I am very thankful to you! A lot of thanks! May God bless you! love
    20. lakhan wrote:
      Latest Version of This App

    21. asdfghjkl wrote:

      please update to latst vertion v 7.0.0

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